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Come along with us on this fascinating journey into the world of apologetics, as seen through the lens of geology. Geology is one of those subjects that has assaulted, and continues to assault, the Christian faith. Although it does not always come right out and deny the Christian faith, it undermines many orthodox Christian views, such as miracles, the Virgin birth, and the Resurrection by insisting on a view of science that leaves no room for these things to happen.

It also undermines our Creator by denying a straightforward reading of Genesis, treating much of Scripture as just myths. This, of course, includes the global Flood of Genesis.

Let us help you learn to stand on the Scriptures, and to defend your faith through the lens of geology, without compromise.


This downloadable, online class has 6 video lessons, with accompanying worksheets. Topics covered are:

  • Knowing the Scriptures in the Secular Age
  • Clarifying the Conflict Between Science and the Bible
  • The Genealogies and Chronologies of Genesis: Are They Accurate?
  • Evolutionary Gaps in the Fossil Record
  • Dinosaur to Bird Evolution (so-called)
  • Time and Chronology in the Secular Geological Age

You can view a short introduction to Geology and Apologetics by clicking on the button below.

Geology and Apologetics Introduction

Recommended age is 8th grade and up.

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