Gems and Crystals Kit

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If your student loves gems and crystals, this is the study you want! This kit is devoted to the study of  gems and crystal shapes in a format that kids can enjoy. Grades 3-12. (Younger students may require help from an adult.)
We do not put a time frame on this kit, as it is a self-guided study. Please consult your state requirements if your desire to include it as a science credit for high school.
Kit includes:
  • Crystal growing projects
  • Book on minerals; we will choose from books like the DK Crystal and Gem book, Minerals (Masterbooks), Usborne Gems and Minerals book, Mineralogical Dictionary. Book will necessarily vary depending on what is available when ordering. 
  • Patrick Nurre’s monograph with definitions and explanations of the different types of agates, gemstones, precious stones, stones of the high priest’s breastplate, and crystals; also a discussion of the question, “Do crystals have healing properties?” (3-hole drilled)
  • Over 40 authentic gem samples including faceted gem stones, cabochons, and a topaz sample
  • Carrying case
Shipping included.

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1 review for Gems and Crystals Kit

  1. Marti (verified owner)

    The kit arrived! Oh my goodness my son is beyond excited. He can’t believe all the pieces!! He’s been looking through them and telling me all about them for 2 hours straight now 😂🙌❤️ Thank you for putting together such a unique and quality kit. We couldn’t be more pleased or excited for science this year (and years to come, I’m sure)! Many thanks!

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