Fun Geology Brick Challenges


Engage your kids with these 5 fun and easy LEGO® geology projects! Perfect for any geology and dinosaur fan, these unique building instructions are sure to spark hours of educational creativity and imagination.


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Engage your kids with these 5 fun and easy LEGO® geology projects! Built from your own bricks, these are perfect for any geology and dinosaur fan, with unique building instructions that are sure to spark hours of educational creativity and imagination. These downloadable building instructions cannot be found anywhere else, so your kids truly will be digging up something never seen before.  

What you will get in this unique downloadable bundle: 

  1. Easy-to-follow building instructions for 4 amazing LEGO® Geology projects
  2. Instructions for 1 fun-and-easy activity for younger LEGO® geologists 

#1: Build Brick Animals Preserved in Amber. Fossilized tree sap (often called amber) often contain bugs, birds, and even small animals. Build your own incredible LEGO® amber specimen by using transparent orange bricks to encase fun LEGO® animals like Fun Brick Challenges, Geology for Kids, Dinosaurs for Kids, Fossils for Kids, Lego Fun, Lego Challengesants, spiders, etc. But the fun doesn’t end here. Take your LEGO® amber specimen and hold it up against some light for an amazing display. The LEGO® animals will be silhouetted inside your amber and give an impressive display. You can use bricks like transparent LEGO® boulders, or you can use transparent cockpit and windshield bricks.  

#2: Build Brick Crystals. If your kids have lots of transparent LEGO® bricks, why not build some cool crystals? You can make them as big (or small) as you want in any colors you have. All you will need are clear “blocky/square” bricks, and to top it off use some clear slopes to give the pointed look. To get a cool display, place them on a sunny windowsill for a glowing effect. 

#3: Build a Brick Cavern. Be prepared to take the next step up in LEGO® cave building! Full of stalagmites and stalactites, this model is built of common bricks and easy to customize. A great way for your kid’s LEGO® people to discover cavern structures and rock formations.  

#4: Brick Cracking Geodes. This is the safe way to have all the geode-cracking fun with LEGO®s! Simply build a cool rocky base with lever-action geode cracking. Don’t have these little geode bricks? Don’t worry! You can also use normal LEGO® crystals or transparent bricks to get the same fun.  

#5: Build Brick Dinos. These fun LEGO® dinosaurs are sure to spark lots of creative play. This dinosaur is very special: it was creatively engineered to have both a living and fossil version of the same dinosaur! To top it off, they are both built out of common LEGO® bricks and the “living” dinosaur version can be customized in many other existing brick colors. 

Note: This item does not include the building bricks.  


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