Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes, the book



What kid isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs and fossils!  Here is the latest addition to our “Little Eyes” Curriculum Series, Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes.  This is a great study for your budding paleontologist.  This study is taught from a Young Earth, Global Flood perspective.  The text is laid out in a conversational style for the parent to read with the child.  

Designed for PreK-3rd, it includes:

  • 10 lessons
  • An Introduction to Biblical Geology       
  • What are fossils and how old are they?     
  • Types of Fossils                               
  • Invertebrate Fossils – Sea Animals         
  • More Invertebrate Fossils – The Pods            
  • Vertebrate Fossils – Sea Creatures           
  • Vertebrate Fossils – Land Creatures         
  • Kinds of Dinosaurs and Their Names         
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?           
  • Fossil Hunting  
  • 35 activities
  • 109 page softbound, full color textbook    

You can view one of the lessons from Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes by clicking on the image below.

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