Fossil Identification Made Easy, the samples



If you are looking for just the samples to Fossil Identification Made Easy, this is the place to purchase them! 

This kit includes our signature large samples, all individually bagged and labeled.

Samples include (may vary according to availability):

trilobite, cephalopod, brachiopod, clam fossil, crinoid fossil, mosasaur bone, fossil turtle shell, fossil fish, megalodon tooth, ray tooth and tail, fern fossil, petrified wood, insect fossil, conglomerate, chert, diatomaceous earth, dinosaur bone, dinosaur egg shell, mammoth bone, mastodon tooth enamel, animal coprolite, gastropod, worm tube, gastrolith, fossil protozoa, fossil sponge, shark tooth, fossil sea urchin, stromatolite, fossil coral, fossil crinoid head, and 6 fossils  and 6 non-fossils (for project).

Shipping included.

If you would like to purchase the complete Fossil Identification Made Easy Kit, click here. 

If you would like to purchase just the books, click here (Fossil Identification Made Easy) and here (Fossil Identification Field Guide).

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