Dinosaurs and the Bible Fossil Samples



This very special collection was created for the Dinosaurs and the Bible Online Class. (Learn more about this great class from Rock-man Pat by clicking here.  These large samples are approximately 1.5″, and are exceptional in quality!  Samples, of course, will vary in size.  Samples include:

  • Dinosaur bone from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana
  • Spinosaurus Tooth from Morocco
  • Spinosaurus bone from Morocco
  • Dinosaur coprolite from Utah
  • Hypacrosaur bone from Two Medicine Formation in Montana
  • Fossil Turtle Shell from Florida

Fossils come in a six-cell standard display box with plastic liner.

Shipping is included.

All prices are in US dollars.  For international shipping please contact us at northwestexpedition@msn.com or 425-488-6848.


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