Dinosaur Day Camp


A five-day focus on dinosaurs in a day camp format


Invite your kids’ friends over! It’s time for Dinosaur Day Camp!

This fun and informative day camp is designed to help your kids learn more about dinosaurs from a Biblical perspective. With Rockman Pat, Patrick Nurre as their guide, they will explore:

  • What a dinosaur is (and is not!)
  • Some of the kinds of dinosaurs
  • What they ate
  • Dinosaur teeth, claws and coprolites (poops!)
  • Were dinosaurs on the ark?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs? Where did they go?

And all of this as they learn more about what the Bible has to say about these fascinating creatures!

The day camp includes:

  • 5 short videos with Rockman Pat, one for each day of the camp, explaining the daily topic. Besides the great information, Patrick shares with the kids from his extensive dinosaur fossil collection. 
  • Short Bible readings/lessons
  • Fun projects
  • Games
  • Dino-themed snacks

Kids love dinosaurs! We know you will enjoy the exploration!

Suggested grade range 2nd-6th.

This is a downloadable product. Exclusive videos are accessed at YouTube, and are only available through this purchase. URLs are given in the pdf when you purchase the Dinosaur Day Camp

Click on the image below to view a sample lesson:




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