Creation Science Kit



For K-12, this kit includes Creation Science and Creation Geology, both by Felice Gerwitz and Jill Whitlock. Each book covers 6 weeks of study, with tie-ins to other disciplines, like math and language arts.
Creation Science, covering principles of physical science from a Biblical perspective, includes:
  • A study guide written for students K-12
  • 26-page teaching outline
  • Over 250 activities features,  activities in every subject
  • Reading lists
  • Art and music
  • Resource guide
  • Math reinforcements
  • Vocabulary and spelling
  • Language arts and grammar
  • Science activities
  • Experiments
  • Reproducible sheets
  • Coloring and activity book for kids

Creation Geology, covering principles of geology from a Biblical perspective,  includes:

  • 57-page teaching outline included
  • Lesson plans for K-12
  • Over 300 activities and experiments
  • Information about radiometric dating
  • Oil and coal formation
  • Geologic formations
  • Fossils
  • Noah’s Flood
  • Vocabulary list
  • Recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study)
  • Math activities
  • Book reviews
  • Reproducible sheets and much more!
Add in to that 56 rock, mineral,and fossil samples, and you have all you need for great opportunities with your kids to understand science from a Biblical perspective!
If you have a large family or are responsible for teaching a larger class and have a limited budget, this kit is for you.  It is a true unit study approach to Earth Science with lesson plans already written out for you!
Includes carrying case.
Shipping included.

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