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Creation and Evolution:  Somebody always knows more than you do!


Especially when it comes to talking about creation and evolution, you can count on it: somebody always “knows” more than you. You say, “Well, of course they do. I can’t possibly know all the information that is out there on any one topic. So what do you mean by that?”

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When it comes to discussions about geology with your rock-loving friends geology, you can bet that you will likely end up discussing something related to creation and evolution. It may not look like those two words. It may look more like discussions on the geologic timetable. Or dating methods. Or how many ice ages there were. The list goes on and on, because the study of geology is inextricably bound up with what one thinks about earth history: how earth was created, and the events that have taken place in our history.

And how that conversation turns out is often based on who has the most information, the most current information about the topic at hand. “But I’ve read so many books, and I can handle myself. I have answers for anything they can throw at me.” But the truth of the matter is that virtually every day, there is some new revelation from the science world that would seem to throw our very carefully sculpted arguments out the window. So what are we to do? Is it possible to keep up with all the latest ideas or discoveries? Do we even try?

Two Undeniable Truths

I have two thoughts about that. The first is that many of these new revelations ­­evaporate as quickly as they appear. Chances are that you (and the person you are talking with) don’t know that. So before I would let a new argument rock your world, I would do some heavy-duty researching of your own to see just what is true. You can find many good articles about recent research and discoveries at Creation Ministries International, The Institute for Creation Research, and Answers in Genesis, to name just a few.

But the second thought I have is that you need to just accept that somebody will always know more than you do. Or seem to. You have your proofs, they do, too. And it would seem whoever has the last say is the one who is the winner, the one who has successfully put the other in their place.

Reliance on Scripture

 It is for this reason that we need to be sure that we know our Biblical history well, our Scriptures. This needs to be our first defense and line of demarcation. If something contradicts the Scripture, our first thought should not be that we have to figure out how to fit it with Scripture. Rather, we need to reaffirm our belief in Scripture, and let the argument lay right there. Tell your friend that you will research it and get back to them. But you must be firmly convinced that the Scripture does not lie, not one word. Ever. And given time, most of the new evidences fail. Or can be proven to be founded on something that is not science. Time and patience will always be your ally, as well as a firm reliance on the truth of the Scriptures.

Creation and Evolution: Who truly knows more than you?

There is no reason to fear a discussion on things that touch on Scripture, whether in science or history. The Scripture is the enduring word of the Lord, and will not be thwarted.  Stand on that, take a deep breath, and know that He is God.


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