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Siccar Point, Scotland

The History of Modern Geology

Learn more about the history of modern geology with these two books!   The History of Modern Geology The history of modern geology is a tale of exploration, discovery, and… bias, masquerading as science. What? Yes, modern geology comes complete with its own biases and worldview. Modern geology begins with James Hutton, a Scottish naturalist […]

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Baby Jesus in a manger with a star overhead.

Christ and Geology

Buy our study/devotional for Christ and Geology by clicking below!     Christ and Geology Christ is worthy of celebrating! Around here, we enjoy celebrating Him with Geology in mind. Why? Because there is a symbolic connection between Christ and Geology—He is the Foundation, the Rock of Ages, and He’s the Cornerstone of our faith.  What It Means to […]

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Three Guidelines for Voting

Three Guidelines for Voting What on earth do rocks and minerals have to do with the election? In truth, not that much. There is, however, a verse that we lean on every single day here to check ourselves. Since we deal with science and the Bible on a daily basis, it is very important that […]

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Pictures of students doing fun projects with earth science

Earth Science Week

10 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Earth Science Week Celebrate Earth Science Week!  Of course we should celebrate this magnificent globe that we live on! So let’s get outside and enjoy our world! Here are 10 ideas for easy excursions for learning more about our marvelous blue planet. And we have lots of fun kits to […]

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Shark Week!

Shark Week Thirty years and counting, Shark Week! Undeniably, these unusual creatures command our attention! And it can’t be because they are cuddly and fuzzy. So I can only guess that it is because of how mysterious and dangerous they seem to be. Add to that that they­ are remnants of a long ago world, […]

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Four Steps to Making a Geology Museum

Need help with rock identification?   Four Steps to Making a Geology Museum Many of you know that we used to have a wonderful geology museum, called the Geology Learning Center. But the owner of the building decided to sell the space, so that it could be developed into condos. So we had to close […]

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Mt. St. Helens

We have a great kit to study Mt. St. Helens! Mt. St. Helens If you have lived in the Pacific Northwest for any length of time, then you know that there is a nasty threat that hangs over our heads daily, although most of us don’t truly think twice about it. On a clear day, […]

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Scripture and Geology

Here are two great, short books to help you in your understanding of Scripture and Geology!               Scripture and Geology Is Scripture a part of your geology study?  If you haven’t been adding in the appropriate sections of Scripture that deal with geology, you might want to slam on […]

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How to Teach Geology (Part 2)

How to Teach Geology, Part 2 Figuring out just how to teach, or what to teach your kids when it comes to geology can be a daunting task. Hopefully, we removed some of that a few weeks back, when I talked a bit about how to teach geology, focusing on some of the whys, and […]

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Creating Homeschool Explorers!

Read more at our blog!   Transform Your Homeschool Students into Explorers! Many parents have the desire to see their children become homeschool explorers. I understand that inclination. I grew up in a small town in Montana. Hardin, to be precise! It is located on the edge of the Crow Indian reservation in south central […]

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